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How to Touch a Girl's Breasts & Feel Her Up for the First Time

After a few minutes of kissing and hand moving, gently move your hand over her bra. This time, place your hand over it and don’t remove it. Don’t move your hand or try to snoop around. Just place your hands on her breast and continue kissing her. [Read: 20 sex god moves to attract and seduce women in style]

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Start off by gently stroking or massaging the tops, bottoms, and sides of their breasts. Alternate with lightly kissing their neck, earlobes, and collarbone.

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Kiss, nibble, and lick the breast along the base, around the breast. Move reeeeeally slow…like a snail. Come full circle. Then shift your mouth a little higher, about a half inch above the base. Repeat kiss-nibble-lick (k-n-l) around her breast along this new circle. Come full circle. How to kiss a woman’s breast by Shiva ©2003-2007

How to touch a woman’s breasts – to drive her wild with ...

Breasts! Most women love having their breasts played with in sensual ways, but haven’t been willing to tell their partners what they desire. Since breasts are such an important part of any good love-making experience… I’ve made this video just for you to find out how to touch a woman’s breasts in the most pleasurable way.

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Here’s how to kiss a woman’s breast the right way: The trick is to focus mostly on the nipple and the areola of the breast. Because these are the most sensitive areas.

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Touch and kiss along the sides of the breasts, without going straight for the nipple. Pay attention to the underboob and sideboob Most people tend to squeeze the entire boob, or focus on just the...

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Apply light pressure and embrace her by pulling her closer. Kiss her for 1-4 seconds before moving back with your lips still on hers to give her a moment to catch her breath or adjust her position. Keep your lips soft as you kiss. Relax your facial muscles and don’t push your lips out as you make contact with her lips.

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If she's open to you caressing private areas, like her breasts, remember that these areas on a girl can be very sensitive. Start with the outside of her breasts and move inwards. Don't start at her nipples.

15 Secret Reasons Why Guys Absolutely Love Your Breasts

Foreplay is never complete without a bit of touching, kissing, or sucking on the breasts. Apart from the lips, you can also kiss and touch a woman's breasts before you have sex. Kissing the lips does not have the same effect as it does on the breasts.

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Towards the end of the video he picks on safer targets, luring young women to kiss him and expose their breasts. Humiliated ... A blonde girls falls for the teens offer of cash.